Complete online ticket transfer by noon on July 10.

All the tickets will be mailed to your address this year. Please complete transferring tickets online by noon on July 10th. We are planning to send the tickets and survival guide on the after noon.

If you are not sure whether you can make it because of the weather or the state of emergency, receive the paper tickets by mail and then exchange them with other participants. There is no need to hassle.

  • The receiver needs to “complete the transfer” online after the sender makes a transition.
  • We send e-mails when your mailing address is not complete.
  • Your “2 admission plus parking” tickets are inseparable online. Wait for the paper tickets to arrive and exchange afterwards.

Tokyo is put under another state of emergency and Kanagawa prefecture is under semi-state of emergency till August 22. The location in Yugawara-machi is out of semi-state of emergency but we keep our eyes out on such decisions and prepare for COVID safety measures.