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General information of the event is
“Burning Japan 2024 event page”

Overview of the event

event name Burning Japan 2024 –  –

Octber 11 to Octber 14
11 (Friday) 12:00 Opening
14 (Monday) 18:00 Final evacuation 
*date changes and cancellations are possible.


Tsumagoi Bokujo
2401 Hosoomata, Tsumagoi Village, Agatsuma District, Gunma Prefecture


[By car]
2.5h from Tokyo.

[By train & bus]
from JR Manza Kazawaguchi Station
using Seibu Bus “Tsumagoi boujo aisai no kane”
*only 3 buses a day.




There are enough tickets so there is no need to panic.

How to buy a first timer’s discount ticket?

The first Timer tickets will be for domestic participants who have never attended Burning Man or any other Regional Burn.

English translation of this site

Burning Japan  Community (on Discord)

Inquiry in English, meet burners, rideshare, join a group camp/theme camp