One week to go!

There is only a week to go! Everybody seems to be busy preparing for the next weekend, so we are planning to share a couple of precautions divided in a few posts till the gate opens.

【A call for Rangers】
Volunteers needed for Rangers.
Burning Japan is made of volunteers. Rangers will go the rounds in the location to help all participants tackle their problems. This is how Burning man works for years and we follow the same scheme. This year, we are asking 9-10 participants to step up before the event starts as Ranger lead, we call them Color Rangers. There will be on-site Ranger helpers’ sign up at the gate for shorter shifts as well.

Last day to sign up for Color Ranger is Saturday July 17th. Please come visit “gate” category on Discord for details.
There is Ranger meetup scheduled from 9:00PM on Saturday July 17th. You can come check on the voice chat even when you are undecided for signing up.

【Ticket transfer】
Tickets and parking passes are popping up in the community.
All the tickets are mailed already. Contact directly to each other for transfer. There have been a few communications in “チケット譲ります” category on Discord. Or you can leave a post in “meetup_english” category to avoid Japanese texts.

You might have more questions when the event gets close enough. However staffers at the camp ground may not be able to answer questions about our event. Please refrain from calling up for questions. Use “質問・問合せ” or “meetup_english” category on Discord, or send an email to us directly to

—– —– —– —– —–

The last Thursday meetup is going to be held tonight at 9:30PM.
Feel free to join and talk at “meetup_voice” on Discord.