• Burning Japan 2018年秋開催
  • Burning Japan 2018年秋開催

ABOUT Burning Japan

Burning Japan is an event inspired by Burning Man, an annual event held in the state of Nevada in the United States. At Burning Japan, the participants are not bystanders but the main protagonists. Sharing instead of trading is one of the main principles of this unique event. People gather bringing everything necessary to survive during the event, they share and admire artworks, music or dance performances. During Burning Japan, the venue becomes a fictitious city and when finished it returns to its original state.

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Announcing 2018 event!

Thanks for waiting! Burning Japan is happening again in October at Tsumagoi farm in Gunma prefecture. Please check the new location and plan ahead.

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We welcome everybody, anybody from new comers to experienced burners at Meetup. There will be 3 Meetups scheduled prior to the event, so please feel free to stop by and check who is coming to the burn. Presale tickets will be available. Admission free.

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Theme camp is for a group of camp mates who make art and/or performance together on site. If you are thinking big and fun for Burning Japan, you might want to reserve a large space by submitting this form.

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Burning Japan is going to be held at a farm, not a camping ground. You need to bring everything you need for survival and that is hard for first timers. Especially for those who are not living in Japan. Please stand by for First timers’ guide in English.

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2018 Organizing Committee

2018 Organizing Committee

The organizing committee for 2018 was openly looking for year around volunteers. It is to show how we organize the event and how anybody can become a part of Burning Japan. This form is for committee members. The volunteer form for rangers and gate greeters can be found here.

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