Thank you for participating Burning Japan 2021

Burning Japan 2021 has taken place from July 22 to 25. It was 2PM on 26th that the last organizer member left the campground after the final wrap up. We have successfully ended the burn without a major accident. I believe everyone witnessed the best and the hottest burn, which was made by the participants who were passionate from the preparation.

177 participants including the organizers gathered for the weekend. Few decided not to attend because of health failing and we feel sorry and thankful for their decision. There was no transport to the medical institutes during the event and medical volunteers could cover all the cases. Please take care of yourself after the burn and let us know immediately when you find out about COVID-19 infection within 2 weeks.

There was not much MOOP left in the campground. Phoenix was the worst and organizers had to take care the remain for hours. We will record how the burn should be conducted and make plans accordingly for the next burn. Thank you to all the theme camps and campers in Solo camping area for taking good care of the site.

It was impossible to make the event happen without Yugawara Onsen campground. We are deeply grateful for our collaboration.

There is a photo album for lost and found items. Please contact us through email or on Discord.

As all the participants agreed at the gate, Burning Japan 2021 set the date for posting pictures and videos on SNS from Sunday August 1st. In the mean time, there is not many shared online and you can reach only a few among friends and families. Please wait a few more days to see the stream of images.

Next Meetup is happening from 9:30PM on Thursday, July 9th. Let us hear about the burn!
Discord invitation link.