Theme camp and Art registration

What is theme camp? Theme camp refers to a group project that provides artistic activities at Burning Japan. It can vary from a workshop or music sessions under a large shade structure to DJ stage with a large sound system. It is common to call any kind of project unit meant to for self expression a theme camp throughout Burning man culture.

Theme camp area is spacious and flatter than solo camping area. To reserve a spot facing the main street, please register your camp by submitting the form below.

Theme camps and art projects that needs to be registered are listed below.
Solo project requiring a space is required as same.
This is for safety reasons and also for placement before the gate opening.

●Requesting reserved space larger than 3 meter x 3 meters (10 x 10 feet)
●Planning to set up a sound system with PA.
●Planning to use a generator.
●Including the use of fire and gas except for cooking and/or a camp fire on fire pit.
●Planning to burn the art or theme camp materials at the end.

Theme camp registration deadline on June 17th. There will be the second and final deadline after the additional ticket sales.
[ June 18th update] Due to the campsite’s capacity, we are no longer accepting sound camps.
Theme camp and Art registration form

You can avoid submitting the form by contacting the theme camp and art coordinator Shogo through Discord.
How to joinDiscord ;