What is LNT? What is MOOP?

Like the other Burning man related events, Burning Japan is also a “Leave no trace” event where participants are responsible for cleaning up and packing everything out after the event. Take everything home, leave no trace and make the location cleaner than before.

  • Take all the trash home. There will be no trash bin available at the location. Bring trash bags, too.
  • Design your art all the way, which means to the point of taking it home. Left out art is the saddest thing to find after the event.
  • Do not bring anything that is going to be just trash; such as packaging. Leave them home.
  • As for COVID-19 safety measures, paper cups and plates are not welcome this year. Bring your own cups and plates.
  • Pick up MOOP, no matter to whom it belongs to.
  • Hakubishin, a wild animal kind of like a raccoon, likes to eat campers’ food and make a big mess. Watch out at night.

【What shall I do to take trains home?】
Participants who take public transportation is exceptional and we take a bag full of trash at the Gate. Please separati glass bottles, cans and pet bottles.

【What shall I do with the ash from campfire?】
Basically, you are expected to take everything home. But ashes may be still too warm to deal with. There will be a BBQ pit in front of the Gate where you can collect ashes before leaving. Use fire pit or BBQ grill for fire. Direct fire is not permitted.

【Where shall I dispose of the trash?】
Do not ever think of leaving them on the way home, no convenience stores or trash bins at the station! Take them all the way home and dispose them at home, in your local community. It became a big trouble when campers from the nearby camping ground left trash in the neighborhood. Do not ever jeopardize the event or the location.

Burners prefer to use “MOOP” than trash or garbage, and it stands for “matter out of place” as all the things you bring in is basically out of place. Anything that does not belong to the location has to go home. It is hard to remember all the 10 principles, but “Leave no trace” should be the easiest and the best to start.

It was breezy at the location on the 20th, especially after 4PM. Center camp now stands as tall as 3.5m. We are looking forward to introducing it to you very soon!