Get ready for the heat wave!

You have received COVID-19 safety guideline with the survival guide already. And you need to watch out for another danger, the heat and humidity right after the rainy season. The theme camp area gets a lot of sun and it is very hot during the day. It is expected to go over 30℃ and 90% in humidity in Yugawara-machi.

Things you need to bring.

  • Drink water as often as you can. Bring 3L per person per day, without alcohol.
  • Do not share bottles or cans for a COVID-19 safety reason. Bring your own cup.
  • No ice sale in the location. Get them when you go out for onsen or grocery shopping.
    ※You can drive in and out unless your car is parked inside “the Theme camp area” or “Left trail parking”. Check the back of your parking tickets for parking locations.

Things you may miss.

  • Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, cooling towel, anything that will make your body temperature cool down.
  • Extra tarp and/or canopy to make a shade.

【Can I drink the water at water station? Can I swim in the location?】
The water at water stations is from the stream nearby, so we can only announce that it is not a tap water. Although It tastes good. The stream is far down in the valley outside the location, so there isn’t a spot where you can dip yourself in. Sorry!

【Can I sleep in my car?】
You can sleep in your car when your car is parked in the area after the GATE. That means cars and camping cars in “Theme camp area” and “Left trail parking”. All the other parking spaces are next to the neighbors, therefor we can not let you sleep in to avoid complaints about all night idling.
※We will ask where you like to sleep and whether you need to drive in and out at the check in, to introduce the right parking space.

【Is it going to be hot in the Solo camping area, too?】
Solo camping area is located in the woods and covered in the nice shade. It will be cooler than the Theme camp area but there are more mosquitoes. Bring mosquito repellent and insect bite medicine.

We have started to build the Center camp from the 19th. Those who spent overnight in the location said it is much cooler and nicer during night. Getting prepared to wonder around at night is probably another solution to avoid the excruciating heat.