Burning Japan 2022

Burning Japan 2021 has successfully ended. Thank you for making the great burn together.
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ABOUT Burning Japan

Burning Japan is an event inspired by Burning Man, an annual event held in the state of Nevada in the United States. At Burning Japan, the participants are not bystanders but the main protagonists. Sharing instead of trading is one of the main principles of this unique event. People gather bringing everything necessary to survive during the event, they share and admire artworks, music or dance performances. During Burning Japan, the venue becomes a fictitious city and when finished it returns to its original state.

Burning Japanとは

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2021 ART THEME : Electric Circus

Event information

WHEN Thursday, July 22 – Sunday, July 25
Gate opens at 12:00 on Thursday July 22
Gate closes at 18:00 on Sunday July 25
※No postponement for rain
This event and the conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
※Participants are not allowed to enter the location earlier than the gate opening, please stand by till the customers from the previous day check out by noon.
WHERE Yugawara Onsen Camp ground GoogleMap
Kanagawa prefecture, Ashigara shimo gun, Yugawara-machi, Miyakami 773-151
Please contact Burning Japan for inquiries regarding the camp site.
How to
get there

【By car】
18 km from Ishibashi Exit on Seisho Bypass. 30 minutes from the exit.

【Public transportation】
30 minutes walk from the closest bus stop, Onsenba Chuou.
10 minutes drive from Yugawara station on Tokaido line. About 4.5km.

Ticket Sale starts on June 2nd.
Admission: 15000 yen x 100 tickets. 4 day ticket only
Parking pass: 3000 yen x 30 passes.※No refund at any occasion or cancellation.
※Online purchase only. Tickets mailed to addresses in Japan.
Theme camp Theme camp registration deadline on June 17th.
We are no longer accepting sound camps. (June 18th update)
Last day to submit the registration form is June 28th.
Theme camp and art registration form
※You can register on Discord, contact “Shogo” for details.
Organizer Burning Japan General Incorporated Association




  • 販売数:約100枚
  • 5月27日発売
  • 販売期間別料金
    5/27-6/10 ¥15,000
    6/11-6/25 ¥15,500
    6/26-7/10 ¥16,000
  • 7月にサバイバルガイドと一緒に


  • 販売数:約40枚
  • 5月27日発売
  • 車一台につき一枚必要。



Important notice

1. Participation

2. Ticketing

3. Fire, Drug and dangerous stuff

    Everyone needs a ticket to get in Burning Japan. Including artists, performers, volunteers and members of the press. Please have your ticket before heading to the event.
    It is prohibited to bring any kind of hazardous materials or illegal substance to the event.
    No refund under any circumstances, including event cancellation due to bad weather or volcanic activities. Cancellation will be announced by 8PM on July 21st when needed.
    This event and the conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Any significant change or cancellation will be announced on the website.
    Tickets are all valid for the entire 3 day event. There are no 1 day or 2 day tickets based on the number of days you participate.
    Kids under 12 do not need tickets. Minors under 18 have to attend with adult supervisors.
    Tickets won’t be refunded or cancelled under any circumstances. Please make sure the type and the quantity of tickets you are purchasing. Paper tickets are not bound to names, you can transfer your paper ticket to another person after receiving it.
    When you find that you are infected with COVID-19, please contact us for full refund and stop attending.
    Re-sell over face value is never acceptable. When we find out about the sale, the ticket will be voided. We are not responsible for any troubles related to resale.
    Bring your paper tickets to the gate and receive wrist bands in exchange. Tickets will be sent to addresses in Japan only in 2021. There is no WillCall ticket available. No other form including the receipt can substitute the ticket.
    Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at this event.
    Please be extra cautious about bringing generators to the site. The organizing committee will never be able to take responsibility for any incident and or injuries caused by generators brought by participants.

    Do not bring or use any kind of illegal substances at the event. Including a so-called “non illegal herbs” and “legal herbs”. Participants will be escorted out of the event after calling the local police. .
    There are trees, leaves and wood structures around the camp ground. Please be extra cautious when you use fire. Please consult Theme camp coordinator when you are planning to make a bigger fire than a BBQ or camp fire on a firepit. Then he can tell whether fire permit is needed or not.

    There will be a fire circle for fire performers. Let the fire performance coordinator know your participation, date&time and fuel so she can reply back with rules.You are welcome to join the group performance before the Phoenix burn.

FAQ - Ticketing

I won't be able to attend 4 full days. Is there a 1-day or 2-day ticket?

There’s only one kind and it’s for 4 days. 1-day or 2-day tickets are not available. But the gate is always open and you can re-enter anytime you want.

Do I need a parking pass for each car?

Yes. One parking pass is required for each car. When you are sharing a ride, only one of you is needed to purchase a parking pass.

Can I buy 1 admission and 1 parking pass?

Not this year, sorry. We are trying to limit the number of cars. Single parking pass is not for sale, not with a single admission either.

If you are attending all by yourself and need a parking pass to set up a theme camp, purchase 1 admission and consult the theme camp coordinator. If you are in a big group, please coordinate within your group. When you need more cars than the half of your group members, contact the theme camp coordinator.

How can I transfer the ticket when I can't make it?

Tickets will be mailed by 10 days prior to the event. Please complete the online transfer by July 10th. Or you can exchange the paper ticket after it’s mailed.

The receiver is also required to complete the transfer on Peatix. Please make sure the transfer is completed by July 10th. When we do not have the receiver’s address, we will ask through Peatix.

Please aware that you can’t transfer a set of 2 tickets plus parking pass separately. The set will be transferred altogether.

Please don’t resell tickets over face value. You are always welcome to ask around in the COMMUNITY when you can’t find anybody willing to attend.

What is Burning Japan?

Network of regional events over the world

Quite a few participants search for Burning man to find out about Burning Japan. What is different from the large burn that happens every year in Nevada desert? What’s in common? We like to introduce both in the next page.

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