About participation

Please check FAQ before contacting.

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Please contact us when you can’t find an answer in the FAQ page. We will replay in 3−5days.


For a quick reply, check our community on Discord and leave your question in the text chat.


About ticket

Please check the ticketing section in FAQ before contacting.

FAQ - Ticketing

When you can’t find an answer in FAQ or having a trouble, please contact through email. We will reply in 3-5 days.


Media and Press

For covering the event or publishing the article, please contact us through email. We will reply in 3-5 days.


For writing and/or taking photography for publishing, please apply to cover 2021 event after checking our media guide. We will reply in 3-5 days.

Photography and Media


Burning Japan is fully funded by ticket sales and organized by volunteers. There has never been a sponsor since the beginning in 2012 and there is no future planning to ask for one. It is our mission to organize Burning Japan in accordance with the 10 principles and stay away from sponsors or advertisement in pursuit of decommodification. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Call for organizers!

Organizers of Burning Japan is trying to reach out and have various members of the community relate to by telling how we organize the event and how anybody can join from preparation. We welcome new members of our community who are dare to join the organizers.

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