Additional sale starts on June 21!

【12:50 Update】
Additional sale sold out in about 15 minutes.
Tickets for 2021 Burning Japan is all sold out. Thank you.

As we announced before, there is going to be the additional ticket sale for Burning Japan 2021.
We have expanded the camping space but parking space is still limited. Please consider taking public transportation as it it close to JR station. This additional sale is going to be the last and final. There won’t be any offline meetup or door tickets. Please make sure you have tickets before leaving!

  • Tickets sale starts from 12:30 on June 21st at Peatix, the online ticketing service.
  • Admission for 15000 yen. 60 tickets as total.
    ※No priority discount for 2019 ticket holders this time, sorry.
  • Parking pass is 3000 yen. 10 passes. Only for those who purchase 2 tickets or more.
    ※No parking pass needed for motorcycles and bikes.
    ※If you are attending all by yourself and need a parking pass to set up a theme camp, purchase 1 admission and consult the theme camp coordinator.
    ※Consult Shogo for a shortage of parking pass if you have registered your theme camp already.
  • Free under 12. Minors must attend with guardian.

For those who could purchase the tickets at the additional sale, the final deadline for theme camp registration is scheduled on June 28th. Please contact us as you have a project that requires a reserved space in the theme camp area. Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting sound camps due to the camp site’s capacity.

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