2021 Ticket Sale

Tickets will go on sale, soon!

Since it’s a new and smaller site with about 100 participants, we need to limit the number of participants and cars. All the participants including organizers need to purchase tickets. Please also get a parking pass for each car you ride in. As parking space is limited, please consider taking public transportation. The new site is going to be different in many ways, so please check the event information and FAQ before purchasing.

  • Tickets sale starts from 8PM on June 2nd at Peatix, the online ticketing service.
  • There will be Meetups to buy tickets. No door tickets available.
  • Admission for 15000 yen. 12000 yen for 2019 ticket holders. 100 tickets as total.
  • Parking pass is 3000 yen. 30 passes. Only for those who purchase 2 tickets or more.
    No parking pass needed for motorcycles and bikes.
    If you are attending all by yourself and need a parking pass to set up a theme camp, purchase 1 admission and consult the theme camp coordinator.
  • Free under 12. Minors must attend with guardian.

No refund under any circumstances, including event cancellation due to bad weather or travel restrictions.

【Discounted priority sale for 2019 ticket holders】

In 2019, Burning Japan was cancelled due to the Typhoon #19. We could not partially host the event or postpone it in consideration with the conditions of the site and uncertain recovery from Typhoon. It was not only the organizers but all the participants who had to cover the cost of preparation and traveling from far. As Burning Japan is fully funded by ticket sales and tickets are non refundable, we did not refund any in 2019. Although we were going to use up all the budget, we had a generous discount of the cancellation fee afterwards. We like to share it with the community by setting a discounted priority sale for 2019 ticket holders.

  • Who is eligible?: Participants who purchased tickets through Peatix, bought tickets at Meetups in 2019.
  • When: Priority sale starts from 8AM on June 2nd, 12 hours prior to the main sale. Enter the pass code to open the page.
  • How?: You are going to receive an invitation email to the registered email address on May 31th. The discount code is valid for 2 weeks.

If you are not receiving the invitation email on May 31th, for changing the email address or some other problems, please contact us through email. You are welcome to ask questions about ticket sales and participation on Discord as well.

Invitation link
How to get in and who is active on Discord