Announcing 2019 event

【Burning Japan 2019 is coming in October!!】

We are finally able to announce Burning Japan 2019 information!
Our 6th Burning Japan happens at the same venue as last year, Tumagoi, Gunma.

This year’s art theme is “Hidden World”!!

… … … … …
Do you know Hidden World?

As the name implies, it is a hidden world.

A fairy tale picture book I read when I was little.
An unforgettable song I heard hundreds of times.
The words left by the philosophers of BC.
A place where the river was born, where I always go for a walk.

There are innumerable entrances, but you can not see them.

Want to go?

Let me tell you.
What we are looking for can be found very close.

Do not be fooled by theories or customs, look at expressions that come from within you.
Don’t calculate others for profit, but help and acknowledge each other.
It is the key to open the door of the hidden world that you have forgotten in everyday life.

3 days in SKY ISLAND.
A lot of people come with the key to Hidden World.
Through lots of expressions, lots of stories, and shadows swaying in the glowing lights, the invisible outlines of Hidden World will somehow become visible.
… … … … …

We are very looking forward to seeing all of you there!!

Burning Japan 2019

Date:2019/10/12日(Sat) 〜 10/14(Mon)
Venue:Tsumagoi Farm Aisai Bell,
Address:Tsumagoi Farm, Hoshimata, Tsumagoi-mura,
Agatsuma-gun 377-1528, Gunma Prefecture
Event Website:
TICKET:2019, June 20th On Sale