Made by participants

Burning Japan is made by participants. Not metaphorically, actually and literally. Participants visit the site before for preparation, organize the cite, bring all kinds of art and performance. Most of everything is made in the community. It is not a festival you come in and have fun, it is more of an event that requires a year round preparation that happens to be fun. Therefor we host Meetups and online space that is to have participants communicate before the event.

You can make a group for camping together, making art and building a theme camp. Or you can join the organizers from the first year. Why don’t you come visit our online space and see what’s all about.

It’s sad but true that we can’t host offline Meetups in 2021, so please come to online Meetups in stead, 


Discord BurningJapan Server

From 2021, Burning Japan is using Discord for online Meetups, Theme camp coordination, Volunteer coordination as well as organizers’ meetings. Most of the preparation that can be done online happens on Discord. 

Discord is a multi channel text chat service like Slack and is combined with Zoom for fun use. It is meant to set up a designated communication space for a community. 

To participate Discord Burning Japan Server, you need to be invited by the member or check the invitation link for access.

Every Thursday night, we host a meetup from 9:30PM. Click on “meetup_voice” to join the voice chat. It’s voice only so please feel free to join for the first time. You don’t have to speak up, listening only account is welcome, too.

Beside the weekly meetups, you can check what’s going on at any time by following the text chat. Come check us out and leave a comment on #meetup_English. Questions will be answered much faster here 😉

Discord invite


We used to host monthly Meetup for first timers but it is not happening in 2021. Please join Discord in stead, so we can talk freely about Burning Japan before the event.

What’s hot in Meetups

・First timers’ guide

・Art Theme 

・Call for group camp, ride share

・Call for members of art project and theme camps

・Call for volunteers and organizers

Meetups schedules will be posted on Facebook page and NEWS.

Meet The Organizers

Organizers at Burning Japan are nominated for each year and they are all volunteer without pay.
They take part in one of the listed department and led the other volunteers. You can see their account names shown in purple letters on Discord.

When you are enthusiastic enough to spend more than 50 hours per year for Burning Japan, and or you have super skill to contribute, we always welcome new members of organizers. Please shout out loud at an online meetup!

Kayo, Usshi, Tejimax

Organizers of organizers, also in charge of finance. They communicate with the venue, the local community, Burning man and also press. In charge with all kinds of public relations.


Coordinate all the art projects and theme camps for registration and placement .

Center Camp

Design, build and run the center camp with style.It is going to be the heart of our community.


DBK=Department of building and knocking down. Anything to do with infrastructure and logistics.

Joe, Makibee

It’s a greeter station, box office and ranger station all combined. One stop for all the on-site volunteer coordination.


Maintaining the website and Discord server. Printing materials such as ticket and survival guide.