Is there a possibility of cancellation or postponement of the event?

At the venue, infection control measures will be taken based on the guidelines and checklists prepared by the national and local governments (Kanagawa Prefecture).

If it is determined that the event cannot be held due to a request from the national government or local government (Kanagawa Prefecture) in accordance with a state of emergency or travel restrictions, the event may be canceled or postponed. In that case, we will inform you on the official website and Facebook.

Do I need to wear a mask?

Yes, please. You are expected to wear a mask except for the time of sleeping and eating.

On Saturday night right before the Phoenix burn, we are planning to have “Electric Masquerade” with all the participants. Be creative! Bring something fun to cover the plain unwoven mask.

Should I take PCR test before the event?

PCR is not mandatory. But organizers are planning to take it a week prior to the event.

Ones who bring negative test result will receive “Negative” stickers. You can boldly present that you took extra effort to make our space safer.

Even when you are tested negative, please continue wearing a mask. Thank you!

What do I need to do on arrival?

At the gate, you will be asked to fill a form with your name, address and contact information and your body temperature. Check boxes asking if you are not feeling well, traveled to the high risk area, tested positive or closely contacted with COVID-19 patients need to be checked as negative.

When your body temperature is higher than 37.5, we will fully refund the ticket to ask you cancel your participation.

All the personal information will be destroyed after a certain amount of time.

What kind of COVID-19 measures planned at the location?

・Sanitize hands and fingers at the Gate, Center camp and porta potties.
・Signs to be shown at the gate, center camp and potties for reminding participants.
・Potties will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.
・Theme camps need to show the cap of participants to avoid the crowd. Also need to mind camp design to keep the proper distance in between the participants.
・Avoid to accumulate hazardous trash, such as paper plates and cups left in the cite. Collect and dispose whenever they are left unattended.
– Rangers will hand out the temperature check stamp card. Collect all the stamps by checking body temperature every day to collect them all, you get a gift at the end.

Can I share a tent?

It is absolutely okay with your family members but not with the others.

When you can’t find a tent, there may be others with spares. Come see the participants at online Meetups. Or you can ask around in the text chat on Discord.

Is it okay to share food?

Please be extra cautious when you cook and share food with your friends.

As there wasn’t water in the site, we used paper plates and cups for sanitary reasons. But not this year. There is water in the site and we like to encourage everybody to bring their own cup, plate and utensils!

・Use your cup, plate and utensils all the time.
・Mark your cup, plate and utensils.
・Never let others use yours.
・Do not bring paper cups, paper plates or Waribashi.
・Do not share a bottle or a can.
・Wash your cup, plate and utensils regurally.
・When you share food, have your portion saved to your plate. Don’t share tongs or ladles.
・When you plan on sharing food at your camp, bring alcohol spray, gloves, wipes and trash bags.
– Rangers will clean the water station regularly. But please try not to dispose or leave food waste in the sink.

What kind of COVID-19 safe measures can I prepare for my theme camp?

Theme camp is the project unit whenever participants provide any kind of activities at Burning Japan. No matter how small it is, please take a moment and think what needs to be done to make your space safer on communicating with participants.

・Do not use a small tent or keep it closed for a theme camp. Avoid staying in an enclosed space with other participants.
・When you need to design your space somehow enclosed, please leave at least 2 sides open for ventilation. Or use tarps for more open layouts.
・Cap the number of participants and have the rest wait outside to control the crowd.
・As for Yoga, massage and anything that include body contacts, cap the number of participants, sanitize before and after and wear masks for droplet infection.

These are only a few examples. Effective measures may vary depending on what type of activities you are planning. At the time of theme camp registration, we will ask what you prepare for COVID-19 measures. When you do not have much idea, theme camp coordinator will help your planning.

We hate to say Do’s and Don’t to participants. But it can be different this year and sometimes we need to ask for changes in your planning. Please understand the circumstances.

I became positive, or a close contact.

Tickets is non refundable except for the case you became COVID-19 positive or a close contact. Please contact us and cancel your participation.

Also please let us know when you become positive within 2 weeks after the event.

What is Sky Island?

Burning Japan is a space alienated from the default reality. It is a special home land dedicated to a different value system. As the location of Burning man is called “Black Rock City”, we like to call our location “Sky Island”, which is originally named after 2018 art theme.

What is Yugawara Onsen Camp ground alike?

It is a new camp ground opened in the end of 2020. Very accessible from JR Yugawara station. 10 minutes drive will take you to the top of the hill from old school onsen
town through the village of cottages.

There is a paved road in the middle of theme camp area. You can take your car to the camping ground and easily unload on either sides. Solo camp area is up in the woods and must be cooler during the summer time.

Running water is available. Porta potties on site. Although it says “onsen” in its name, onsen in the office building is not open for participants during Burning Japan. It is simply over capacity. Please check nearby onsen in Yugawara machi.

Can I take a look at this new camp ground?

Yugawara Onsen camp ground is open for public besides the weekend reserved for Burning Japan. You are welcome to make a reservation and camp out with regular fee.

We do not book the weekend before, so you are not supposed to get in and start building unless you book the space by yourself. It is different from the farm we used to host Burning Japan and please understand and respect the new location.

How far from the station?

It takes about 10 minutes by car and costs about 1700 yen by taxi from Yugawara station.

Buses are available from Yugawara station, about 3 busses every hour. It is very steep and might takes about 30 minutes from the closest bus station. Walking with a big luggage is not recommended.

We can not encourage ride shares from far in terms of COVID-19 measures. But it will be super helpful and clever to have all the luggage taken from the station to the camp ground while sharing a taxi.

Is there a store at the camp ground?

There is an office on site but there isn’t a store. For food, camping supplies, please make a stop before entering.

It is free to re-enter. You can run for grocery or convenience store when needed.

Can I park my car next to my tent?

For theme camps, reserved space can be used for parking when your car is a part of setup. When you like to park somewhere else, consult the theme camp coordinator.

For solo camping area, tents need to line up along the trail in the quiet woods. You can take your car to the trail entrance and unload then escorted to the designated parking area.

Can I take my car to drop off my camping gears?


You need to get off your car at the entrance of the trail. The solo camping area is about 60 meters away and you can hike up as far as 400m. You can borrow a carrier at the gate.

What's the difference between solo camp area and theme camp area?

Theme camp area is for theme camps, which allow groups to make art and offer activities. It is flat and spacious. We ask theme camps bigger than 3 people to register. So we can place camps in coordination. For those who are taking a generator, using fire or pyro effect also required to register for safety reasons.

Solo camping area is basically first come first served. There is no placement so you are free to find a spot. Please refrain from taking a generator or propane tank since it is narrow in the woods.

Theme camp area will be open for all the participants after 6PM on the 22nd. Please plant to arrive early enough to secure your theme camp.

What kind of facilities are provided?

What you can find;
Gate with box office, Center camp for information, Medial station, Porta potties, river water with sink.

What you can’t find;
Food, ice, drinking water, and sale of those. Kitchen, electricity, trash bin, coin locker for valuable goods and lightnings.

What you can find but not available;
Small onsen in the camp ground office building.
Firewood station is not available. Please bring axes to take firewood from the woods.

There are basic infrastructures but you still need to bring everything you need for survival including drinking water, food and camping gears. And you are expected to take everything home including trash.

Phoenix burn is scheduled Saturday night. All the other art and theme camps are brought in by participants. It is not a music festival. Don’t expect a head liner or time table full of DJs to dance your ass off every day and night. But you may find the best music and audience, it is up to you.

Can I take a camping car?

Yes. You may have to park on the street in the camping ground. Let us know beforehand so we can coordinate a good spot, especially when you are planing to drive in with a really big one.

Is water available?


River water is available at water station. It is not for drinking but it is okay after boiling. You can use it for cooking and washing dishes and hands. Bring bottled water for drinking.

Is there a trash bin?

It is common among all the burns that we build a city out of nowhere and return as clean as before. Or cleaner than before. Please take home everything you bring in. Do not leave trash behind. It is a leave no trace event.

Please bring trash bags as there is no trash bin available in the camp ground. You are expected to dispose trash at home. Do not ever think of disposing trash on the way home. For those who take trains home, we take bags of trash at the gate. Please talk to the rangers at the gate.

It is prohibited to burn trash. You can throw wood and paper in fire but nothing else.

Can I take a shower or a bath?

Yugawara Onsen camp ground has Onsen in the office building. Unfortunately, it is not open for participants during Burning Japan. It’s not big enough for all the participants.

Please check nearby onsen in Yugawara-machi. The town is known for good onsen.

Is there a quiet time that we all have to turn lights off?

Burning Japan is sleepless. It is live from gate opening to closing. There is no quiet time like other camp grounds may have.

Although we may have quiet time to turn down sound camps when needed. Even in such case, live music and chit chatting may not stop. You should bring ear plugs for good night sleep.

Where is a time table?

There will be music and performances going on simultaneously although the organizers do not book any artist. There is no time table. It may grow organically somewhere, but we are not sure yet. You can always ask at each sound camp about performers.

It is not like Burning man where participants can dance to huge sound systems all day. Please don’t expect a line up of loud music.

Does cell phone work?


But. Please refrain from video streaming Burning Japan. Also check our Photography and media guideline for our policies in taking pictures and videos.

I won't be able to attend 4 full days. Is there a 1-day or 2-day ticket?

There’s only one kind and it’s for 4 days. 1-day or 2-day tickets are not available. But the gate is always open and you are welcome to re-enter anytime you want.

Can I take my kids? Do they need tickets?

Kids are welcome and free under 12. Kids under 18 need to attend with guardian.

Do I need a parking pass for each car?

Yes. One parking pass is required for each car. When you are sharing a ride, only one of you is needed to purchase a parking pass.

How can I transfer the ticket when I can't make it?

Tickets will be mailed by 10 days prior to the event. Please complete the online transfer by July 10th. Or you can exchange the paper ticket after it’s mailed.

The receiver is also required to complete the transfer on Peatix. Please make sure the transfer is completed by July 10th. When we do not have the receiver’s address, we will ask through Peatix.

Please aware that you can’t transfer a set of 2 tickets plus parking pass separately. The set will be transferred altogether.

Please don’t resell tickets over face value. You are always welcome to ask around in the COMMUNITY when you can’t find anybody willing to attend.

Can I take my pet with me?

Sorry no pets allowed.

It is easy to go up in the mountains from the camping ground. we won’t be able to look for the lost pet even when we have rangers checking around. Please leave your love home.

What shall I do to express myself?

Is there anything you ever wanted to do? There is no one who would judge your expression. We always welcome first timers in art and performances, too.

We do respect all kinds pf expression but for these two.
・Anything illegal and or harmful not only to the participants but also to the venue and the local community.
・Vandalizing and or interrupting the others’ art and activities.

Interactivity is the key. Make something to interact with participants. When you can touch and move the art work, it is easier to overcome the boundary between the maker and the audience than just looking at it.

Another tip is to make something related to the art theme. It can be as small as accessories, small gifts to hand out. Or something bigger like art and performances. Anything about “Electric Circus” will be highly appreciated!

Do I have to make a theme camp?

It is a common question from first timers. No, you don’t have to.

You can start something small, something you fell comfortable with and enjoy the new environment. As you help the others and talk to neighbors, you will be invited to join. You don’t have to think hard or to become a project manager.

Do you burn all the art?

No. There is a misunderstanding of Burner culture that everything needs to be burn down at the end. Especially in Japanese articles. The truth is that everything designed to be burnt is scheduled to be burnt down. It is only a part of many art.

At Burning Japan, we have Phoenix burn and Temple burn. But actually, we never had any art that was as large as these two.

If you are thinking of burning your art, or add pyrotechnic to your art, please notify us. We need to file it to the local fire station before the event.

What kind of gift is cool or not cool?

There is no money exchange at Burning Japan. Some people think that they need to offer something with the same value in return, otherwise they may offend the giver. That is not true. Gifting is not gift exchange. It is nice if you could offer back, but that is not mandatory.

Then what is a good gift in particular?
It doesn’t have to be something in a form, an object. You can help your neighbor set up the tent, or take a shift as a volunteer, or help someone making art. That is all great as gift.

You can prepare something small and handy to give out only when you feel like doing so. You don’t have to make gift for everyone or make something nice enough to pleases everybody. Gifting is more about sharing what you value with people you became close to.

Tips for great gift
●Hand made rocks.
●Anything designed from scratch only for this occasion.
●Anything with Burning Japan logo.
●Recycled material shine.
●Anything that magically suits the participants’ needs.

I got tons of samples from work, can I gift them?

Please stay away from advertisement and promotion. Burning Japan is not a testing field for commercial activities. Even when there is no money exchange involved, it is unacceptable to combine advertisement and gifting thoughtlessly.

For those who are surrounded by company logos and free samples, it may not be a big deal. And the receivers may not care at all, either. However it does stick out at Burning Japan in a bad way. When you don’t feel like throwing samples away, make something out of them. They may be great as a material.

Where does the ticket money go? I heard it's non profit.

Burning Japan is solely funded by ticket sales. The money goes to the location, infrastructures, production of center camp and Phoenix. Finance report is available on this website.

As we practice “decommodification”, we never had a sponsor. As we stay away from advertisement and commercial activities, we do not use our budget upon advertisement but to cover the production and material cost. Volunteers and organizers are not paid either.

When ticket sales exceeds the production cost, we promise to give back to our community. To found and keep the legal entity, to register the trademark, to support Burning Japan artists and to help produce the next year’s event. We did found Burning Japan General Incorporated Association in 2017 for sustainable event production.

What do volunteers do?

There are a few kinds of volunteers.

・Organizers work throughout the year to make the event happen.
・Rangers who station at the gate and help everybody check in, watch over the entire location and offer COVID-19 safety measures.
・Medical staff who check and decide whether a patient needs a first aid or a transport to the local clinic.

How can I start volunteering?

Come to the online Meetup!

Or you can just leave a message in the text chat on Discord, saying “I got to volunteer!!!”. That will be quick.

Can I get payed?


What is good about volunteering?

Burning Japan is made by participants. In a way, everybody volunteers. So there isn’t anything special, like you get admired or get a T-shirt with logo.

When you sense that camping out together is not enough, you get tons of opportunities to work by volunteering. And I assure that is where the fun begins.