Online Meetup is happening!

We won’t be able to host offline Meetups in 2021, so we are having Online Meetup every Thursday night, which means tonight!

WHEN:Thursday May 27 from 21:30-
Timetable:First timers’ guide from 21:30, then Organizers’ meeting from 22:00
WHERE:Discord Burning Japan server
Discord is a multi channel text chat service like Slack and it’s more for fun use. You can join any time other than the scheduled meetups. Just follow the invitation link in the comment. There will be “Meetup_English” channel for English speakers.
Check the voice chat “Meetup_voice” from 21;30 tonight from the invitation link. We will introduce the new campsite and show some videos to tell what’s all about Burning Japan.
It’s not a video chat, so you don’t have to show your face. Listening only participant is as welcome as vocal one with tons of questions. Organizers’ meeting will start from 22:00 so please come early for the first timers’ guide.
There are over 120 accounts on Discord already, so don’t wait till the last minute. Prep is the best part of Burning Japan!