Second Meetup

The next Burning Japan MEETUP is happening on August 27th!! Are you interested in Burning Japan and/or joining us as volunteers? We welcome all at this regular gathering for burners and virgin burners!!!We will talk about this year’s event, location, theme camps,...
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New location!

Burning Japan 2018 is happening! We are finally able to announce Burning Japan 2018 information! 【Burning Japan 2018】 ■Date:Saturday, October 6th 12;00 – Monday, October 8th 12:00 ■Venue:Tsumagoi Farm Aisai Bell, ■Address:Tsumagoi Farm Hoshimata, Tsumagoi-mura, Agatsuma-gun 377-1528, Gunma Prefecture ■TICKET:2018/8 Sale (*7/24...
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Call for New member

Burning Japan 2018 is coming this Fall! Hey All! We are preparing Burning Japan 2018 in this Fall!!! We will announce more details such as date and venue soon~ If you are interested to join Burning Japan 2018 committee members, please fill-in...
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