2023 Art theme revealed 今年のアートテーマ発表!

“Raise your torches”







“Raise Your Torches” Art Theme for Burning Japan 2023

The Art Theme at Burning Japan (like Burning Man-Nevada) changes each year, exploring various concepts and ideas. It serves as a central inspiration for the creation of artistic installations, performances, and interactive experiences.

The 2023 Art Theme is “Raise Your Torches”.
Burning Japan 2021, with a limited attendance of 200 people due to COVID-19 restrictions, featured a memorable moment where handheld fireworks were distributed after the burning of the phoenix. People of all ages holding fireworks, conversing over the glowing embers, showcased the vibrant energy of the gathering.
Despite a shorter preparation time and a very limited number of overseas participants in 2022, the largest Phoenix Burn took place, allowing everyone to delight in a spectacular fireworks display.

This iconic image of everyone holding fireworks has become a symbol, representing the resilience of Burning Japan. Despite the challenges of a typhoon cancellation in 2019 and the pandemic in 2020, participants’ unwavering passion kept the event alive. Even in the face of constraints in 2021 and 2022, new rituals were created.

“Raise Your Torches” symbolizes the act of elevating your voice, igniting your ideas, and unveiling your inner self. Through artistic expressions, interactive installations, and communal gatherings, attendees are encouraged to illuminate their dreams, ambitions, and innermost desires. “Raise Your Torches” beckons individuals to illuminate the night, unite in shared experiences, and celebrate the power of self-expression.

We have the feeling that this year’s event will be the most exciting yet.
Let’s Raise Your Torches!

(Photo by Samba machine, 2022.)