EVENT – Burning Japan 2019

ART THEME : Hidden World

Do you know Hidden World?

As the name implies, it is a hidden world.

A fairy tale picture book I read when I was little.
An unforgettable song I heard hundreds of times.
The words left by the philosophers of BC.
A place where the river was born, where I always go for a walk.

There are innumerable entrances, but you can not see them.

Want to go?

Let me tell you.
What we are looking for can be found very close.

Do not be fooled by theories or customs, look at expressions that come from within you.
Don’t calculate others for profit, but help and acknowledge each other.
It is the key to open the door of the hidden world that you have forgotten in everyday life.

3 days in SKY ISLAND.
A lot of people come with the key to Hidden World.
Through lots of expressions, lots of stories, and shadows swaying in the glowing lights, the invisible outlines of Hidden World will somehow become visible.

Event details

WHEN Saturday, October 12, Open at 9AM
Monday, October 14, Closes at 6PM ※National holiday in Japan
WHERE Tsumagoi Farm
2401−615 Hoshimata, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma prefecture, 377-1528

●By Car

Karuizawa route: Toll road all the way
Get on Kanetsu freeway from Nerima Interchange and use Joshinetsu-do to get off at Usui Karuizawa exit. Take toll roads, Onioshi highway and Manza highway to reach Tsumagoi Farm. About 160 minutes depending on traffic.

Shibukawa route: Less dependent on toll road
Get on Kanetsu freeway from Nerima Interchange and get off at Shibukawa Ikaho exit. Take R-17, local roads and Manza highway to reach Tsumagoi Farm. About 180 minutes, depending on traffic.

※The route that goes through Kusatsu area to get to Manza Onsen then to Tsumagoi Farm is currently closed at night. From Manza Sansaro to Sessyo, 5PM – 8AM.

Current status of R-292 Shiga-Kogen Kusatsu route

●By public transportation

From Tokyo station
Take Hokuriku shinkansen to JR Karuizawa station. ( 80 minutes)

Then take Seibu Kanko Bus bound for “Manza Bus Terminal”  to Tsumagoi Bokujo Aisai no Kane. (90 minutes)

※Note there is only 2 busses a day but it stops right in front of the location.

Bus schedule at Karuizawa station.

Route Map

From Ueno station
Take Joetsu line and Agatsuma sen to Manza Kazawaguchi station. (160 minutes)
Then take Seibu Kanko Bus bound for “Manza Bus Terminal” to Tsumagoi Bokujo Aisai no Kane. (30 minutes)

Bus schedule at Manza Kazawaguchi station.

Returning bus schedule from Tsumagoi Bokujo Aisai no Kane.


Tickets are available at Meetups also Online.

Pre sale (10,000 yen), Main sale (10,000 yen), International (10,000 yen),
500 tickets as total.
Parking (2000 yen), 150 tickets.

Organized by Burning Japan 2019 Committee


We welcome everybody, anybody from new comers to experienced burners at Meetup. There will be 4 Meetups scheduled prior to the event, so please feel free to stop by and check who is coming to the burn. Presale tickets will be available. Admission free.

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Theme Camp

Theme camp is for a group of camp mates who make art and/or performance together on site. If you are thinking big and fun for Burning Japan, you might want to reserve a large space by submitting the form.

>Theme Camp Registration

First timer

Burning Japan is going to be held at a farm, not a camping ground. You need to bring everything you need for survival and that is hard for first timers. Especially for those who are not living in Japan. Please stand by for First timers’ guide in English.

> Japanese version

Art & Performance

Art and Performance flourish during Burning Japan. Making the best effort to make great art is the most respected act of gifting. When you have an art project, larger than your campsite and willing to place it away from your camp, you can reserve a spot by submitting a form.

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