10 Principles of Burning Japan

“The 10 Principles of Burning Man” are not orders or regulations that are decided by the event’s coordinators. They are derived from the ideals that the founder of Burning Man, Larry Harvey, has developed throughout the years, specially interpreted and modified to fit Burning Japan. With Burning Man as its starting point, the spirit of upholding these “principles” is shared widely by the communities of the world.

An organization that accepts everyone

Anyone can be a participant of Burning Japan. We are continually welcoming and respecting new members. There are no requirements for participating in our community.

Finding happiness in giving

Cold beers, small accessories, helping to pitch a tent, lending an instrument- it’s fun to give to others. Instead of exchanging, let’s enjoy the simple act of giving.

Forgetting about profit

You cannot buy anything at Burning Japan. This is a community that has distanced itself from “business.” There are no sponsors or advertisements in order to enable us to realize that there are things more important than money.

Being independent

You are responsible for taking care of yourself in Burning Japan’s “less than ideal environment,” including everything from food and water to transportation and clean-up.

Expressing your true self

Please do as you truly like and be the person whom you wish to be. The community of Burning Man acknowledges and accepts any form of self-expression. At the same time, we seek of you to do the same with the members around you.

Cooperating with your neighbors

Whether it be a full collaboration or subtle communication, the heart of Burning Japan lies in cooperation. Do something that you cannot achieve by yourself; this is another one of the appeals of Burning Japan.

Abiding by the law and carrying out your responsibility as a citizen

Burning Japan respects the rules of society. This of course includes refraining from illegal activities. We expect our participants to be aware of their civic duties and to develop a friendly relationship with the town, regional community, and land through mutual respect.

Leave no trace

Cast no dirt in the well that gives you water. In order to protect the environment, we take care to leave absolutely no garbage at the site. We take time at the conclusion of the event to gather our belongings and waste and leave the site cleaner than when we arrived.

Being an enthusiastic participant

In order to have a wonderful experience, participants should be enthusiastic and proactive in their involvement. Once you express yourself, partake in somebody’s camp, or help out, you are a member of Burning Japan.

Living now to the fullest

You cannot have the exact same experience twice. Forget about the small details. Participate, express, and experience. Let’s direct all of our focus on this moment that we have now.