Please check About Burning Japan and 10 principles before purchasing tickets.


Main sale

  • About 250 tickets
  • On sale from June 20th
  • Available online
  • Paper tickets will be sent with Survival guide in September.

Main Sale Plus

  • On sale from June 20th
  • Available online
  • Ticket+¥20.000 donation
    Paper tickets will be sent with Survival guide in September.


  • About 100 tickets
  • On sale from June 20th
  • Available online with English descriptions
  • Intended for those who don’t have mailing address in Japan. Will Call only. Please bring your photo ID to receive your tickets at the gate.

Parking pass

  • About 150 parking pass
  • On sale from June 20th.
  • Available online
  • Please purchase one for each vehicle.

Kid's ticket

  • As many as needed
  • October 12th 9AM
  • Available on site
  • Kids under 12 is free.
    Please register at Ranger station
    on your arrival.

Main Sale (direct)

  • About 150 tickets
  • On sale from June 20th
  • Available only at MEETUPs
  • You will receive the tickets in person, survival guide won’t be mailed.

Important notice

1. Participation

2. Ticketing

3. Fire, Drug and dangerous stuff

    Everyone needs a ticket to get in Burning Japan. Including artists, performers, volunteers and members of the press. Please have your ticket before heading to the event.
    It is prohibited to bring any kind of hazardous materials or illegal substance to the event.
    No refund under any circumstances, including event cancellation due to bad weather or volcanic activities. Cancellation will be announced by 8PM on October 11th when needed.
    This event and the conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Any significant change or cancellation will be announced on the website.
    Tickets are all valid for the entire 3 day event. There are no 1 day or 2 day tickets based on the number of days you participate.
    Kids under 12 do not neet tickets. Minors under 18 have to attend with adult supervisors.
    Tickets won’t be refunded or cancelled under any circumstances. Please make sure the type and the quantity of tickets you are purchasing. Paper tickets are not bound to names, you can transfer your paper ticket to another person after receiving it.
    Bring your paper tickets to the gate and receive wrist bands in exchange. You can chose to receive tickets in mails or have them on hold as will call. Receipt of purchase or other paper printouts can never subsides the tickets.
    Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at this event.
    Please be extra cautious about bringing generators to the site. The organizing committee will never be able to take responsibility for any incident and or injuries caused by generators brought by participants.

    Do not bring or use any kind of illegal substances at the event. Including a so-called “non illegal herbs” and “legal herbs”. Participants will be escorted out of the event after calling the local police. Please check “Fire & Performance” for further requirements.

FAQ - Ticketing

I won’t be able to stay for 3 days, is there a 1 day or 2 day ticket available?

There are only one type of ticket that is valid for 3 days. There are no 1 day or 2 day tickets. The gate will open from 9AM to 9PM everyday and you are welcome to come and go during the day. In case you arrive after the gate station is closed, please stop by at Ranger station to receive wrist bands.

How can I get the direct ticket?

Please get them at Meetups, which will be held 4 times before the event. It would be great to see who are involved and discuss what sort of projects are possible. Cash only.

What is the donation in Main Sale Plus tickets for?

Burning Japan is made possible by ticket sales and volunteers. The donation is to fund art installations like Phoenix and Temple at the location. Purchasing Main Sale Plus ticket is a great way of gifting our community.

Main Sale Plus ticket that will be sent in September is same as Main Sale ticket or International ticket. The same condition applies to the ticket holder and unfortunately there is no special treatment combined. Although we can’t thank you enough!

Do I need a parking pass for each car?

Please purchase 1 parking pass per 1 vehicle. When you are sharing a car with a few friends, you only need 1 parking pass for the car.

If it turns out that I can’t make it to the burn, what can I do?

You can sell pre-sale tickets to your friends and pass the paper tickets to them.

As for main sale, you have to wait till you receive the actual tickets in mail. Please don’t try to transfer your tickets online, the tickets will be shipped to the original buyer.

International tickets can be transferred online. Please login to Peatix, then transfer your tickets to your friends.